Boston at Ford 418 Squadron

This picture was sent by Cliff Adams.

Boston at Ford 418 Squadron

He shared a little light on 418 Squadron.

Hi Pierre

It would appear Theodore Griffiths came to 418 as a Sergeant pilot on Boston III’s, was promoted to Flight Sergeant whist with 418 and left as a Flight Sergeant. Notice he transitioned from Boston to Mosquito during that period as his name appears as a Mossie pilot as well. Somewhere in that period of time he learned to fly the Mosquito.

During this period 418 Squadron was moving from Bradwell Bay on the Essex coast to Ford and was transitioning from Boston III aircraft to Mosquitos. I found a picture of a Boston III taken during the time of that transition which I include here. Another Boston III photo from Bradwell Bay is also included FYI

Theodore Griffiths’ DFC must have come after he was promoted to the officer ranks as Sergeant pilots were awarded a DFM (Distinguished Flying Medal) rather than the DFC awarded to officers.

Theodore Griffiths would appear to have a very interesting story to tell!

All the best



This is the Boston III at RAF Bradwell Bay


The 418 call letters were TH.

So on his first patrol Theodore Griffiths flew Boston III TH-L.

before 23 Squadron

Cliff also sent me the ORBs where all the information about Theo’s ops are found.

More on the Boston here and here.

A-20 in Action.

If you like airplanes, click here. 

Mosquitos, click here. Camouflage and markings here.


7 thoughts on “Boston at Ford 418 Squadron

  1. Do you know when the Bostons were painted black? Im trying to model a 418 one. Apparently they were converted to cannon-firing intruders in May 1942 or so, they were bombers before that.

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