Just Joe

That was the name of the Mosquito Theo Griffiths flew alongside Ric Maude.

Just Joe III and George Sutcliffe

This is not Ric Maude but George Sutcliffe alongside Just Joe III.

There were many Just Joes.

This is Just Joe II with Theo.

Just Joe 2 mod bw

Pilots called this a prang.

This is another view of Just Joe II.

Just Joe 3 mod bw

This next picture is Just Joe I.


Theodore Griffiths alongside HX 868

This time Just Joe I was pranged by F/S Shattock and P/O Sutcliffe. This is most probably the plane Theo ferried to Malta…

HX 868.

image 3

That particular Mosquito had a bad reputation. Pilots did not want to fly it. To say that it was pranged intentionally would be an understatement.


3 thoughts on “Just Joe

    • I could not read the name of the plane. Theo wrote captions which helped a lot.
      Now Just Joe is not any other airplane as Theo is not an unknown Mosquito pilot anymore.
      I have all the scanned logbook pages now from his training days to his last days in the RAF.
      I will put everything on the blog for people to see and for researchers.

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