Souther Field Revisited

This is a link to a webpage dedicated to Souther Field.

A few months ago I did not know anything about Souther Field.

Souther Field is where Theodore Griffiths got his primary training.

PT-17 in the background

A few months ago I did not know anything about Theodore Griffiths let alone he won a DFC and flew Mosquitos.

But you already know that don’t you.

Last week I did not know anything about this man who was a Primary Flight Instructor in Americus, Georgia.

Flight Instructor Shay

Robert F. Shay Jr is also seen here with a cadet in 1941 flying over Americus, Georgia. His son sent me this picture.


This is a section of the Website dedicated to Souther Field. This is one image from the Website.

There are more.

What is most interesting is that Theo left Americus on December 9th, 1941.

December 9 1941

Captain Pardue checked him out on December 6th. Theo did not fly on December 7th, 1941. On December 9th he flew in the review flight.

He rode in front…

There is the story about cadets who came to Americus in January 1942.

The Souther Cadet publication was produced by and for British Cadets receiving pilot training at Souther Field. The images below are of pages from one of the editions.

Click here.


T.R. and Charlotte Wellons’ Album

During WWII Souther Field in addition to being used as a training facility for U.S. pilots was also utilized as a training facility for British pilots of the RAF (Royal Air Force). During this time many local Americus families acted as hosts to these cadets. One such local couple was T.R. and Charlotte Wellons. The information and photos on this page are shared by their son Neal Wellons to whom we express our sincere thanks.

The following photos various British Cadets along with their hosts are from an album that belonged to T.R. and Charlotte Wellons.



7 thoughts on “Souther Field Revisited

  1. Amazing that you have got all that information from friends and relations and from the Field itself. Also interesting to see the life and times of Theodore Griffiths. For myself we had our Annual RCAF Anniversary Mess Dinner celebrating the 89th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I am attaching a photo of four of us with the Guest Speaker, I am on the left hand side of “Stocky Edwards, WC, DFC & 2 Bars, Canadian Hero”. Picture attached. Richard Perry, Flt.Lieut.Retired.

  2. You collected a team of relatives to give the men the just tribute they deserve. (We need an award for you, but not just one of the chain letter kind – unless you want that.)

    • No award or reward needed.
      I share what people share with me. I am like a messenger just like you.
      I think people need to know about the war and by the same token all wars.
      There are no victors… only losers in wars.
      This is why I find your blog so great.

      • I am a very humble person. I don’t need glory.
        Every time I shovel snow during winter time I think of soldiers on the Eastern Front during WWII in -40 temperature.
        I can’t watch war movies anymore.
        When I heard my wife’s uncle telling us a little bit of the Athabaskan story, just a tiny little bit, I knew I had to tell people about it…
        I never thought it would take me along this road with your father in the Philippines or at Souther Field for that matter.

      • I have learned a lot and I have learned to have the most respect for veterans even if I had before.
        My meetings with veterans were revelations. All the veterans I met were so humble except one… but that story I can’t tell here.
        I can tell you personally though.It’s a great lesson in life.

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