The Journal


The journal was not Eugene Gagnon’s journal. It belonged to this man.


He only met Eugene Gagnon once in his life.

April 24, 1942.

Eugene must have written him a letter when he was posted in Manitoba, and Lawrence Walton Montague must have pasted part of the envelope on the cover of his personal journal.

journal13 Now how to give this journal back to this man’s relatives if he had any. Are there any clues in it?


How did I came about to link him with Eugene Gagnon?


Both were stationed at No. 6 STFS in Dunnville, Ontario.

I know you want to know more. This is a long story that I will post on my other blog Lest We Forget since this one is dedicated to 23 Squadron and  its pilots, navigators and ground personnel.

About 23 Squadron…

What about this and this.

poster Hamilton Air Show


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