I Have Been Quite Busy Lately

I should have been continuing with Theodore Griffiths’ story on this blog.

Rick Maude Mechanic Theodore Griffiths mod

There is always something happening that makes this story take a second place.

The death of this veteran pilot last month.

This one last week. 

I also wanted to talk about Eugene’s fiancée. I wrote about it on one of my other blog which is written in French.

Eugene’s nephew met her at her place and he wrote a wonderful text about this meeting. The text is in French. If you can read French you can read it here.

I would like to translate it but…

I Have Been Quite Busy Lately.


Strange title… for my 175th post on this blog about 23 Squadron.

Click on this link to view my edited version of some Movietone shots made in Italy.

Please view the credits at the end.

Next time I will tell you when and how these movie shots were taken.