Eugene Gagnon’s Navigator

Just in from England…

Dad and Eugene

R.C. Harris and unknown pilot

Robert Harris owes so much to Eugene Gagnon, and Eugene Gagnon owed so much to Richard Harris his navigator. They flew all their 33 missions together. They could not have survived without each other.

They were a team!

If both survived the war it’s because they had utmost trust in each other. Richard Harris is on the left, but the airman on the left is not Eugene Gagnon.

Dad and Eugene

I would know because I have many pictures of Eugene.

R.C. called him Gene seen here on a caricature made by Pat Rooney.

caricature d'Eugène Gagnon


Dad and Eugene

These two airmen I believe were not with 23 Squadron when that picture was taken. I will find out someday because Robert will scan some logbook pages.

I just can’t wait. I just love looking at logbooks.

Wish I had Eugene’s logbook.

While we are waiting for more from Robert, here are two pictures with airmen that have to be identified.


Dominos anyone…?


The finest of the finest…


4 thoughts on “Eugene Gagnon’s Navigator

  1. The sense of belonging to a particular team – where the personalities ‘fitted’ – comes over very strongly in the records and reminiscences I have read. Yet all of these airmen cheerfully went out with others if their particular mates were not available.
    I have collated data from the RAF log books of both Briggs and Baker during their careers (139 (Jamaica) Squadron, No 1409 Met Flight. This was supplied by Mike Cox – and some comments are his – but both Richard de Boer and I have lost touch with him. I will try and find him.

    • Jacques Gagnon, Eugene’s nephew, has the original.
      These caricatures sell for about $500 each.
      This is priceless and he will never sell it.
      I hope it will be cherish forever by Jacques’ descendants.

      Never forget…

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