How Much This Document Could Be Sold on E-Bay?


I don’t sell anything on this blog. I share all the information I can gather about 23 Squadron just like Robert Harris is doing right now.

This is a precious artefact to anyone related to these airmen.

G RS  517 F/O GAGNON  F/O HARRIS       17        553  OPS

J PZ  446 F/O Mc ALPINE F/O GIBBONS 20        553  OPS

W RS  515 F/O BIRD  F/O THOMPSON     29        553  OPS

Robert Harris flight roster document

It’s the night flying programme for December 31, 1944. So many information to digest for someone who has scant knowledge about 23 Squadron.

One information is quite easy for me to remember because I was born exactly 4 years later in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

How I came about to write about 23 Squadron is explained in this blog. I like to remember things about WWII and to pay homage to the men who gave so much like Eugene Gagnon’s navigator.

It all started back in 2010 when people started sharing what information they had on 23 Squadron. Along this journey through time I had the privilege to meet a Mosquito pilot in 2011.

George Stewart DFC

He was Cricket 34. (Click on that link)

Now I know Eugene’s call sign!

Cricket 17…

I wonder how much I could get for these pictures I took with my cellphone when I visited Cricket 34?

The instruction for flying a HS-126 if he was shot down… (Click on the link) 

 George Stewart plane instructions

The letter he sent to his parents telling them he was going home…

George Stewart letter 22 December 1944



4 thoughts on “How Much This Document Could Be Sold on E-Bay?

  1. Hi Pierre
    The Battle Order document is indeed a rare thing – only the second I have seen. The first is one and to date the only I have seen from 75(NZ) Squadron, supplied to me by Kevin King the UK 75(NZ) Squadron Association Chairman.

    There must be more out there somewhere – I only wish I knew where………

    • I saw you are posting some new things on your blog.
      I can see we work the same way.

      I share everything so others can benefit.
      This is my only reward.

      As I always say, you don’t carry your money in your coffin, but I say it in French.

      On n’apporte pas son argent dans son cercueil.

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