Mysterious Hurricane

What was R.C. Harris doing on this picture. He was a navigator/observer not a fighter pilot?


Was he visiting a friend from another squadron flying Hurricanes IIc?

His son Robert Harris had the answer with his chronology I posted last time.

Search no more!

No.535  Squadron was one of ten Turbinlite squadrons formed on 2 September 1942 to  operate a mix of searchlight-equipped Havocs and Hurricane fighters. The aim  was for the Havoc to find an enemy bomber with its radar, then illuminate it  with its searchlight, allowing a pair of Hurricanes to shoot it down. The  initial scheme, using special Turbinlite flights and fighters from nearby fighter  squadrons failed, partly because the fighters often failed to arrive. In an  attempt to solve this problem the Turbinlite flights were turned into  squadrons, and given both types of aircraft, but by the autumn of 1942 more  suitable night fighters were entering service in significant numbers, and the  Turbinlite squadrons were disbanded on 25 January 1943.

No.535  Squadron was formed from No.1456 Flight at High Ercall (Shropshire) and  remained there until it was disbanded.


September 1942-January 1943 Douglas Havoc I and II Hawker Hurricane IIB, IIC, X, XI and XII

Location    September 1942-January 1943: High Ercall

Squadron Codes: –

Duty September  1942-January 1943: Turbinlite Squadron


Richard Craig Harris joined 535 Squadron on 2 September 1942 to 21 January 1943. Aircraft types flown in: Havoc, Tiger Moth, Boston.


Turbinlite Havoc IWM image


RAF 535 Squadron

Click here for more on the Havoc Turbinlite.

Mysterious Hurricane IIc? Not anymore…


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