Mystery Airmen

Pure selfish pleasure on my part about sharing all the research I have done since 2010 when someone contacted me to learn more about his hero when he was a teenager in the 1940s.

Marcel Bergeron at the crash scene  

Marcel Bergeron in front of Eugene’s Seabee on October 22, 1947

Marcel Bergeron was 83 in 2010. The only document he had in his possession was Eugene Gagnon’s discharge papers.

Discharge papers page 1

Someone else had a kind of retouched photograph.


That was enough to send me on a wild search  for this pilot who had won a DFC and died in a plane crash on October 21, 1947.


I wonder if Robert Harris knew what he was getting into when he started to share pictures and logbook pages of his father last week. I don’t know if he can keep up with all I am writing about his father though.

I just can’t stop searching… and writing about what I am finding.


RAF 535 Squadron pilots and navigators

Now that we know why R.C. Harris was  on this picture, where it was taken,  and when he was stationed there, the next unanswered question is who were the other airmen with him on that picture?

I can see four pilots with four other airmen who I suspect are navigator/observer on Havoc or Boston III.

535 airmen pilots

Everything seems logical except why were they posing in front of a Hurricane IIc and not a Turbinlite Boston II?

Havoc Turbinlite

There is very little information and pictures found on the Internet about pilots and navigators with RAF 535 Squadron.

In fact none whatsoever!

So this is somewhat a very precious and rare picture isn’t it?

535 Squadron RC Harris

Only one airman is identified for now: R.C. Harris.

There was very little information and pictures found on the Internet about pilots and navigators with RAF 23 Squadron.

This is how this blog evolved in the first place since 2010 with only this: the only picture I had of Eugene Gagnon.


Since then people have been sharing so much…

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