Goggles on Upside Down: Redux

Rob just sent me these names…

I could not wait until tomorrow.

Hello Pierre!

I now give you the names of the pilots that my father flew with in 535 Squadron. One of them must be the guy in the photo:

SGT Hough

SGT Massey

SGT Christensen

PO Scorer

PO Blanshard

FO Thornton

He flew with SGT Hough 60 times.

He flew with SGT Massey X 1

SGT Christensen X1

PO Scorer  X1

PO Blansard X1

FO Thornton X1

Previous to 535 he had flown with No 54 OTU and 1456 Flight:

SGT Hough for 34 times

SGT Christensen for X2

PO Blansard X1

FO Thornton X1

I wonder if the pilot is Sgt Hough?

Good evening – Rob

What seems logical would be that this is Sergeant Hough. 

Dad and Eugene

Why would his father have kept a picture of pilots he only flew a few times with?

I will go with Sergeant Hough for the time being and wait for someone to find this blog and confirm all this or go on a wild search for Sergeant Hough… 


2 thoughts on “Goggles on Upside Down: Redux

    • Again you are right, even if I lost 60 pounds since 2010.
      Blogging is a great way to lose weight.
      I should start a blog about loosing weight through blogging…
      Just a thought.

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