Goggles on Upside Down

I am not the only one trying to identify R.C. Harris’ fellow airmen.

Dad and Eugene

I have compared two of the photographs sent to you – the one in full flying gear (with the goggles on upside down) and the one with the Hurricane.  I am sure that the guy in the flying gear is the same one as the one  on the extreme left  (standing foreground) in the Hurricane photo.  Knowing you, you are already well ahead of me but I thought I would just mention it!!  I wonder who he was and if he is still alive.

535 Squadron RC Harris

This time it’s Robert’s turn to get all excited…

I think he hit the right button.

We have a very rare 535 Squadron picture of some of its pilots and navigators!

mystery pilot

Now the only thing missing is for Robert to look for the name of the pilot in his father’s logbook when he was with 535 Squadron.

The mystery pilot’s name is in there!

I can visualise Robert scrambling and searching his father’s logbook for the name and scanning the page for us to share his excitement.


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