I know yesterday’s post was long and needed a lot of concentration to follow where I was leading you.

I believe my readers need a little intermission from all that I have been writing on this blog about R.C. Harris with his son’s  help.

This is the story written in May 2013 by Jacques Gagnon, Eugene Gagnon’s nephew. It was written in French and you can read it here

Of course if you can’t read French, you can always use Google Chrome automatic translation tool, but something will be lost in translation.

Jacques Gagnon found Eugene’s fiancée and he met her a few times.

Jacques Gagnon et Ghislaine Laporte

65 years after Eugene’s death, and all that time being ignored by Eugene’s family fearing she might ask for a share of Eugene’s property and money, Ghislaine Laporte would find a new nephew and a lot of pictures with a story to go with it.

Even if you can’t read French, I believe that the message will get across somehow.

Ghislaine Laporte

 Eugene’s fiancée


5 thoughts on “Intermission

    • Her new found nephew gave her a photo album of all the pictures of Eugene Gagnon.
      Now she carries it with her and shows it to all of her friends.
      This has transformed her life.

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