Very Rare Indeed

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Hi Pierre

Thanks for keeping the blog going, it is a great source of info regarding the squadron.

I have recently purchased a couple of photos of 23 Squadron Mossies in Malta. They are copies of originals that were taken by a soldier in the Royal Engineers who was stationed in Malta in ’43 and was a keen photographer. I thought you may like them for the site.

Best regards


May like?

Malta Mosquito 1 Malta Mosquito


7 thoughts on “Very Rare Indeed

    • I did not ask for more détails.
      Marten has been sharing what he has with me. These are very rare indeed.

  1. I have this same photograph from my grandfather who served with the RE in Malta. It might be a 2nd print but is definately authentic from the period, he may have known the photographer.
    I have half a dozen others too.

  2. I think the first (crashed) Mossie may be DD691 (YP-O), which lost an engine during the Squadron’s initial transfer to Malta. The Polish crew had to make a single-engine landing in the dark, and the undercarriage failed to lock down. The aircraft was reduced to spares.

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