Chronology: 535 Squadron RAF Ercall, Shropshire from 2 September 1942 to 21 January 1943

Always interesting to receive information from Robert Harris. It’s a great way to reach out for people related to the airmen found in R.C. Harris’ s logbook or on a few of his pictures.

535 airmen pilots

We now know that the picture above is about 535 Squadron.

Robert added this information about this squadron.

R.C Harris – 535 Squadron RAF Ercall, Shropshire from 02/09/1942 to 21/01/1943.

Aircraft/glider flown in:

Havoc II,

Boston III,

Tiger Moth,

Airspeed Horsa,

Havoc flights x 14

Boston flights x 63

Tiger Moth x 1

Horsa x 1

Aircraft numbers:

Havoc – AH450 , AH479. 

Boston – AL707, W8309, Z2214, W8227, W8393, Z2214. 

Tiger Moth – DE489. 

Horsa – no number.

Number of flights (in all aircraft): 79. 

Flights lasting one hour or less:  30.

Night flights: 35.

Flying Hours:-

Total Flying Hours with 535 Squadron






 Pilots flown with at 535 Squadron:- 

Pilot’s name

Number of Flights

Sgt Hough


Sgt Massey


Sgt Christensen


PO Scorer


S/Ldr Moloney


Sgt Coulson


PO Blanshard


FO Thornton


Contents of the “Remarks” section of the log book:- 

NFT – night flying tests x 34

NFT – in formation x 1

G.C.I Gropa Control x 18

G.C.I. (cancelled) x 3

G.C.I Full Satellite Exposure x1

G.C.I. Full Turbinlite x 2

G.C.I. Gropa W/T Controlled x 1

G.C.I (Hack Green) calibration x 1

G.C.I Comberton Dotty x 1

G.C.I.Control Dotty x 1

G.C.I. Controlled Bullseye x 1

Aerobatics (spinning) x 1.  This was in the one and only flight in the Tiger Moth! The flight lasted for 55 minutes – during the day!!!

Anti Aircraft Co-operation. Gnosall. Stafford. x 1

Anti Aircraft Co-operation, Oswestry x 1

Searchlight Co-operation, Crewe (Cheshire). x 1

B.A.B.S Approaches x 1

Night formation with Hurricane x 1 (This night flight only lasted 20 minutes).

ZZ landings/ NFT x 1

Test of glider (Horsa) – this was the glider’s maiden flight!! (My father was a passenger) with Sgt Coulson as the pilot.  x 1 (The flight lasted only 15 minutes).

Calibration run for Hack Green x 1

Searchlight aided interceptions x 1 (This flight lasted 1.25  at night).

Bulls Eye x 1

Cross country day flight – Newmarket, Llanbedr, Valley. Day – 2.25 hours

Weather Test (night). 25 minute flight  

Posting with 535 Squadron was signed off by Squadron Leader B.W Moloney, Officer Commanding 535.


I am also sure by now that the unknown pilot with R.C. Harris with his goggles upside down is Sergeant Hough.

mystery pilot

If you are related to Sergeant Hough who was a pilot with 535 Squadron, then please contact me. I have a beautiful photo to share with you

Dad and unknown


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