62 O.T.U. and Onwards

Robert sent me this information about where his father was posted after his posting with 456 Squadron.

Robert Harris group picture RC Harris

456 Squadron

62 O.T.Ufrom 25 October 1943 to 30 December 1943 flying on Ansons.

63 O.T.U. from 3 January 1944 to 29 February flying on Beaufighters, Beauforts and Ansons.

51 O.T.U. at RAF Cranfield from 27 March 1944 to 16 October 1944 flying on

Beaufighters, Wellingtons, Beauforts, Airspeed Oxfords.

B.S.T.U. Flight (Bomber Support Training Unit) from 22 October 1944 to 1 November 1944 when he was teamed up with Eugene Gagnon. They were with this unit until when they joined 23 Squadron. 

There then obviously followed some more training as he spent some more time in Avro Ansons.

Next time Eugene Gagnon and R.C. Harris fly their first mission together…


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