Second Mission: December 6, 1944

This is what happened on December 6, 1944.

It could have been the last day in the lives of Eugene Gagnon and R.C. Harris.

R.C. Harris wrote in his logbook what occured that day. They flew two times before their second mission over Dortmund-Ems Canal and Meppen in Germany.

No piece of cake mission!

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1944 December 5 Freshman mission

6-12-44 11.25

Eugene was flying an Anson.

Avro Anson

R.C. Harris was acting as an instructor for Flight Sergeants Spender and Halliday, and Sergeant Boland. They were training on the A.S.H radar seen here on this picture of a Mosquito.

Mosquito with ASH radar

Few pictures exist of A.S.H. equipped Mosquitoes.

ASH Radar notes

Eugene had flown a lot of planes in Canada and he was to fly St. Chris that day. the same plane George Stewart flew with his navigator Paul Beaudet on seven missions.

First to check the plane out for 15 minutes.

Mission 2 St. Chris check

Then at 20.55 they took off for Germany where they were coned by 20 searchlights over Dortmund-Ems Canal.

Mission 2 St. Chris

1943-1944_Plane (bike)

Mosquito Mk VI, PZ181, YP-E

George Stewart’s collection 


4 thoughts on “Second Mission: December 6, 1944

  1. I really enjoy reading about the Mosquito pilots and all their missions. You’ve done, and continue, to do a great service to pilots around the world. Thank you for sharing.

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