Paying Homage to Eugene Gagnon Redux

This is a newer version of a published post. It was about the plaque that is now part of the Dunnville Memorial.

Click here for a picture taken by Ken Mist.

As I had finished writing it, I received these documents from Pat Logan.

Eugène Gagnon 012

Eugène Gagnon 010 Eugène Gagnon 011

Ken Mist had taken this picture of the plaque of Eugene Gagnon. I bought the plaque two years ago and I desperately wanted a picture to show Eugene’s nephew.

Eugene got his wings there.


Ken Mist was visiting Dunnville Airport which will be soon closed but not the museum.

Ken sent this.

Dunnville Eugene Gagnon plaque

This is Ken Website. 

He also has a blog which is awesome!

Ken seems to like airplanes…

I like them too.

Click here.

These are more documents I received from Pat Logan. It’s about the commemoration on July 7th, 2012.

Eugène Gagnon 013 Eugène Gagnon 014 Eugène Gagnon 015 Eugène Gagnon 016 Eugène Gagnon 017 Eugène Gagnon 018 Eugène Gagnon 019 Eugène Gagnon 020

Eugene Gagnon’s name is there somewhere. A plaque is now paying homage to Flight Lieutenant Eugene Gagnon DFC, Mosquito Pilot.

Eugène Gagnon 009-1


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