Did He or Did He Not Fly a Mosquito?

More information about Patrick Maguire

Lest We Forget

I have not found anything about Patrick Maguire flying a Mosquito on his service record.

Does it really matters?

Patrick Maguire served his country in WWII. First as a LAC (Leading Aircrafman). Patrick Maguire was born on January 30th, 1923. He enlisted June 11, 1942 and commenced serving the same day.

Patrick Maguire 3-4ACH/Pilot means Aircrafthand/Pilot. That’s a general term used when someone enlisted. This does not mean he got his training as a pilot. This is confirmed by this second document.

Patrick Maguire 5-6

I modified the image.

Patrick Maguire 5-6modPatrick Maguire enlisted at Euston CRC, Central Recruitement Centre) on June 11th, 1942.

He was then put on Res (Reserve) from June 12th, 1942 to May 3rd 1943. I believe he could have had prior training since Marilyn told me her father talked about going to the Far East and witnessing war crimes committed by Japanese soldiers. I could not verify that information.

From Reserve, he…

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2 thoughts on “Did He or Did He Not Fly a Mosquito?

  1. Hi Pierre
    Thanks for your great work on this site. I notice you have a photo of Harry Hardy DFC 440 squadron with a may west .Its under the heading of Lest we Forget . Harry is alive and well so just curious if that’s an error or just meant as a general heading to remember all our service men

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