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Lest We Forget

I have not found anything about Patrick Maguire flying a Mosquito on his service record.

Does it really matters?

Patrick Maguire served his country in WWII. First as a LAC (Leading Aircrafman). Patrick Maguire was born on January 30th, 1923. He enlisted June 11, 1942 and commenced serving the same day.

Patrick Maguire 3-4ACH/Pilot means Aircrafthand/Pilot. That’s a general term used when someone enlisted. This does not mean he got his training as a pilot. This is confirmed by this second document.

Patrick Maguire 5-6

I modified the image.

Patrick Maguire 5-6modPatrick Maguire enlisted at Euston CRC, Central Recruitement Centre) on June 11th, 1942.

He was then put on Res (Reserve) from June 12th, 1942 to May 3rd 1943. I believe he could have had prior training since Marilyn told me her father talked about going to the Far East and witnessing war crimes committed by Japanese soldiers. I could not verify that information.

From Reserve, he…

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2 thoughts on “Did He or Did He Not Fly a Mosquito?

  1. Hi Pierre
    Thanks for your great work on this site. I notice you have a photo of Harry Hardy DFC 440 squadron with a may west .Its under the heading of Lest we Forget . Harry is alive and well so just curious if that’s an error or just meant as a general heading to remember all our service men

    1. Hi Gary,

      Lest We Forget pays homage to all service men while 23 Squadron is about pilots and navigators with the RAF Mosquito squadron.
      Since I am searching for clues about Marilyn’s father who probably was not a Mosquito pilot according to his service record, I decided to switch my articles on Lest We Forget.

      About Harry Hardy, I wrote on article about him on Souvenirs de guerre, the French version of Lest We Forget.

      Harry Hardy flew with a pilot that I had researched.

      William Robert Gibbs.

      As you can see Lest We Forget and 23 Squadron are not my only blogs about paying homage to airmen, sailors, and soldiers.

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