70 years later

Donald Hepworth Bentley is the pilot on this close-up of a picture taken in Naples on November 10th, 1943.

Second row, on the left.

Bentley and Causeway

Paul wrote me about it, and he confirmed yesterday that his cousin Donald is the pilot on the left in the second row.

The family and myself are pretty sure that Donald is the second pilot standing on the right hand side of the photo. His likeness is very like one of my granddaughters.

If Donald is on the left, then the navigator on the right must be his navigator Sergeant Causeway.

It would be logical to assume this.

Bentley and Causeway

This is Theo Griffiths’ original picture in his collection where pilots and navigators of A Flight are photographed.

A flight 23 Squadron Naples 10 November 1943

Theo wrote the caption.

Rich Cooper has been sharing all he could send, scanned pictures and logbook pages, everything except the kitchen sink.

I found this logbook page with some entries for November 1943.

I don’t have the pages before or after. I did not find it in more than hundreds of files Rich sent.

logbook november 1943-1

The entries stop after November 16.

Theo did not fly after because there would have been something written.

There is no mention of what happened to Donald Bentley nor Sergeant Causeway on November 20.

This is the next page.

December 1943

To be continued?

A flight 23 Squadron Naples 10 November 1943 close-up

If you have any information about these pilots or anything related to 23 Squadron, please feel free to contact me.


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