From the Horse’s Mouth

I take this blog very seriously even if a bit of humour is used on my blog to get a message across.

How to get it right when we are looking for information about 23 Squadron? Take this picture for instance.


I wrote an e-mail to Cricket 34 for information on this Mosquito which belonged to 23 Squadron.

If you have been reading this blog from the start,  you should know by now who is Cricket 34.


He was that 19 year-old kid who flew 50 missions on Mosquitos. His call sign was Cricket 34 while he was stationed at Little Snoring.

George told me all about Crickets

George Stewart DFC

George Stewart DFC

This picture is not what most people think it is.

YP-E St. Chris

Mosquito Mk VI


Look closely…


What do you see?



What looks like a 7 at the end is in fact a 1 with a stain making it looks like a 7.

This comes from the horse’s mouth itself…

Hi Pierre

What looks like YP-E, PZ 187, is really PZ 181, as a bit of dirt on the photo would make you think otherwise.

As I look at several entries in my logbook before my eyes, believe me it is 181. Others have also made this mistake from that photo. Incidentally, Pierre, YP-E was the first aircraft we flew, after arriving at Little Snoring, after returning from Sardinia. 

 After Paul took that photo, we cycled over to PZ 178, YP-N, and had that picture taken with the two of us beside it, as it was the first Mosquito we flew on Ops.




3 thoughts on “From the Horse’s Mouth

    • Indeed…

      I thought I had to set the record straight on this.

      I have met George personally for five and a half hours in 2011.
      It was a sort of epiphany.
      Sort of?
      An Epiphany period!

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