Just Joe Redux

I have received new information from Rich Cooper about Just Joe. I will just put it at the end for now and come back later with a follow-up post.

Just Joe will never be Just Joe anymore.


That was the name of the Mosquito Theo Griffiths flew alongside Ric Maude.

Just Joe III and George Sutcliffe

This is not Ric Maude but George Sutcliffe alongside Just Joe III.

There were many Just Joes.

This is Just Joe II with Theo.

Just Joe 2 mod bw

Pilots called this a prang.

This is another view of Just Joe II.

Just Joe 3 mod bw

This next picture is Just Joe I.


Theodore Griffiths is alongside HX 868

This time Just Joe I was pranged by F/S Shattock and P/O Sutcliffe. This is most probably the plane Theo ferried to Malta…

HX 868.

image 3

That particular Mosquito had a bad reputation. Pilots did not want to fly it. To say that it was pranged intentionally would be an understatement.


Just Joe III


5 thoughts on “Just Joe Redux

  1. in that case it was the plane Hector Goldie wrecked after they all drew short straws because none of the aircrew wanted to fly it. And Hector did a beautiful belly landing: the maintenance officer was happy because he now had spares. Bud Badley said the plane was a ‘beast’ and that it was the best thing to do with it.
    I have a couple of pictures (photocopied so they’re not great) of the same aircraft just a different angle



  2. Does anyone recall Flt Lt Bob Williamson, of 23 Squadron?

    Bob was my mother’s husband and he died on active service, on a night mission from RAF Bradwell Bay, Essex, over Cognac, France, on 28 November1942, just before 23 Squadron was posted to Malta. Bob was piloting a 23 Sqn Mosquito and was accompanied by FO (Obs) Norman Lavers, who also died. Both men are buried in the communal cemetery in Cruin, on the outskirts of Cognac, courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. I would like to know more about their mission that night.

    My mother re-married in 1949 and I am the product of that long and happy union, though my mother could never bring herself to talk about Bob, her childhood sweetheart, to whom she had been married just a short time.

    Any snippets of information will be well received and thank you.

    • I will post your comment on the blog as an article so people will see it.
      Readers sometimes overlook the comment section.


    • Rich Cooper is the one person responsible.
      He shares what Theo kept for WWII.
      This is not by all means over. One bit of information leads to another and another.
      Wait till someone writes me about Theo’s navigator Ric Maude.

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