The story behind Just Joe

Just Joe III


I found a design on the front of a menu for Christmas dinner 1944. The emblem was a design of a Welsh dragon for Theo’s heritage and the police man’s helmet with Ric’s number. He was a serving policeman before volunteering for war service. The helmet and number can be seen in the two photographs already posted on the blog.

More to come



More to come… like this picture!

Just Joe III close-up

If you have any information about 23 Squadron and you wish to share what you know, you can contact me using this form.


2 thoughts on “The story behind Just Joe

  1. If they didn’t paint it on themselves I think i know who did and he might be still alive, I spoke to him february-the last of the 23 squadron ground crew, as far as I know and the oldest at 98/99 best Pete

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