January 1945 to May 1945

These were the operational sorties flown by Eugene Gagnon from January 1945 to May 1945.

caricature d'Eugène Gagnon

Mike Thomas whose uncle was this pilot sent them in 2010.

Flight Lieutenant Thomas

I have inserted the logbook pages which were sent by R.C. Harris’ son last year. Some pages are still missing but you will get a good idea of what kind of missions Gagnon and Harris flew in 1945.

No. 23 Squadron Aircrew 1945 R. Harris

January 1945

January 1945

February 1945

Eugene Gagnon missions February 1945

19 February 1945

25 February 1945

March 1945

Eugene Gagnon missions March 1945




On these two pages, entries are similar but are found twice. That’s when Eugene crashed his Mosquito after his mission to Elbe River.

25 March 1945

25 March 1945 (2)

April 1945 and May 1945

Eugene Gagnon missions April 1945

 2 April 1945

2 May 1945


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  1. Excellent record keeping and great post. [ off-topic — even my year end results from WordPress have you as my number one!! (but they weren’t telling me anything I didn’t already know) I just wanted to give you a special hoot and holler of THANKS for being such a loyal friend! HAPPY NEW YEAR!]

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