Karel Kuttelwascher story

Free Czechoslovak Air Force

Karel Kuttelwascher

The most successful Czechoslovak fighter pilot of WW2.

………………………..* 23 September 1916, Czechoslovakia.

………………………..† 17 August 1959, England.

Svatý Kříž, the birthplace of Karel Miloslav Kuttelwascher, is a small Bohemian hamlet near Německý Brod which is about 110km South East of Prague. At the time of his birth this was part of the Austro Hungarian Empire and following end of World War 1 it became part of the newly formed state of Czechoslovakia. During the post World War 2 anti Germanic purges of 1945 in Czechoslovakia, the town was renamed Havlíčkův Brod  and the towns German population was expelled.

Karel’s parents, Josef and Kristina, had moved to this area from Bavaria where the Kuttelwascher had for generations been involved in the local brewing industry. By  training Joseph was a carpenter but following the family migration to Svatý Kříž, he joined the Czechoslovak State railways as a…

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