Paying homage to Hugh Boland

This blog is all about paying homage to 23 Squadron pilots, navigators, and ground crew if ever someone would share with us memories of erks.

Erks was the nickname affectionately given to ground crew.

Hugh Boland was just a name on Johnny Rivaz’s picture. I have never given second thoughts about this name.


Collection Johnny Rivaz

This is also how I found Eugene Gagnon in 2010. A picture Peter Smith sent me. Peter was a complete stranger.

He has become a dearest friend.

July 1945 Boland

He helped me in my search for Eugene Gagnon and I started writing a blog about a French-Canadian Mosquito pilot and 23 Squadron.

The story is all here and more.

Eugene Gagnon

I wrote more than 250 articles on 23 Squadron because people cared and shared.

I always answer when you write something. I always answer back except once two weeks ago when Dean wrote me the first time.

I just could not understand what he wanted and I forgot to reply.

Now I know what Dean wanted.

He wants to pay homage to Hugh Boland, the quiet and shy navigator…


Am I glad Dean wrote a second time…


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