F/O Hugh Harold Hirst

Found on this Website…

7th May 1941. Catalina AH 536 of 240 Squadron crashed on Lough Erne near Gay Island.

Fl/Lt. Peter Cecil Thomas, F/O Hugh Harold Hirst, P/O Kenneth Bernard Fuller, P/O Denis William Hockey, F/Sgt. William Peebles, Sgt. Joseph Leslie Elwell, Sgt. John Sterling Hesk, Sgt. Henry Ernest Wilson, LAC Henry Atkin Cottam, LAC Leslie Roy Holmes. All RAF.

Flying Officer Hugh Harold Hirst died in 1941. He is not the Harry Hirst we are searching to document this Irvin jacket which is part of Pablo Dennison’s collection.


This Irvin jacket is what led Pablo Dennison, a collector, someone who lives in New Zeland if I guess right by his e-mail address, and who knows me just a little.

I guess Pablo knows I live in Canada, and that I have a passion for aviation, history, and 23 Squadron.

But does he know me that well? Does he know that this is my favourite picture…

magnificent seven

and this is my favourite blog, and I am not the one writing it?

I hope Pablo reads the comments, and see what searching for information can lead us.


5 thoughts on “F/O Hugh Harold Hirst

  1. Pierre, thank you for your help so far and it’s been a fantastic site to be part of.
    I’m usually a Luftwaffe collector and the Kramer story was very intriguing to me and now with my 1st Irvin jacket in my collection I’m very pleased to be the custodian of it.

  2. About sleeves…


    Joe wrote me…

    Hello Pierre,

    I am indeed very interested in your video about F/O. Hurst. The story of that crash is well documented. The reason for the crash was that the surface of Lough Erne was dead flat that morning. This made it difficult for a pilot to judge his height when landing. As a result of the crash when a flying boat was coming down in calm water speed boats were used to create an artificial wave. The same was done for planes taking off. Last year I published a book “Catalina’s and Sunderland’s on Lough Erne, Ireland in World War Two”. Giving a detailed account of the air bases on Lough Erne.

    It is available from Amazon, but if you have any problem getting a copy I will send you one.

    Best wishes and thanks from Joe.

  3. Very interesting reading about the crash of Catalina AH536 on Lough Erne. I am a distant relative of P/O Peter Cecil Thomas who also perished in that crash. I am looking for photos of himself and of AH536

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