27/xii/43 – Patrol aborted due to Port Engine Failure

Most interesting pictures

Broody's war

27th December 14:55
DH Mosquito XII HK227 ME-E (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: P/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
A/I completely U/S – no picture at all
Very close-range ciné-gun on a Fortress

More or less OK this time

PATROL – Foreness
Not a successful trip. Starting a patrol on Foreness & showers of sparks & flame appeared from the Port engine: rapid Granny Homing, with engine throttled back. A/I U/S on way back – no marker pips on Beacon range & messy A/I picture. Landed OK using engine a little. Finally brakes packed up at dispersal. Found exhaust manifold burnt out

Pasted in the journal opposite this entry are 2 ciné-gun stills. One is labelled “Fortress (very close!). This may well be a copy of the exposed film from today’s NFT. The ciné-guns used were G45 Gun Cameras. On the Mk XIII…

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