Dean Cahill’s collection

Dean Cahill has found some artifacts that belonged to Hugh Boland.


Hugh Boland

We all know a little bit about Hugh.

Hugh Boland

Peter Smith is now in the process of processing all this information so we can post more stories about this navigator.

As you can imagine Peter has a lot of work before him. When he is done, I will share everything.

Meanwhile you can view these artifacts.


call sign

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 11

photo 22

photo 33

photo 44

2 thoughts on “Dean Cahill’s collection

  1. It’s not actually relevant to the story, but I just noticed that one of the aircrew in the squadron list, F/O V.J Stimpson lived in the same street I was brought up on (Field End Road in Ruislip).

    Interesting coincidence!

    1. Even if this comment is not relevant, I appreciate it.
      Someday something will become relevant I am sure…


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