Theo’s Record of Service – First Solo Flight

Since last year Rich Cooper has sent more and more pictures he found in Theo’s old WWII album.

He did not ask for any money, and I don’t get paid for writing my blogs.

Rich sent this particular picture a few months ago, and I forgot to post it. It is most fitting to add it to this post I wrote in 2012.

It was Theo’s first solo flight.

 Day I soloed 24 October 1941

You can read what I posted last year if you want, or jump to the end.


These two pages tell a lot about Theo’s flying career in the RAF.

Where he was… and with what unit.


Which planes he flew.


For someone like me who has been interested in airplanes since he was 10 years old, and who became a history teacher along the way, all this information is most interesting…

Theodore Griffiths was in Georgia on December 7th, 1941!

He had been flying PT-17s since October 1941.


October 6th, 1941 – Stearman – No. 30 – Pupil – Level – Gliding – Taxing

The Stearman is also named PT 17.


PT-17 at Gatineau Airport (September 2012)
author’s collection

All the plane numbers are there in the logbook. His first solo was on October 24th on a PT 17, No. 17.

Make no mistake about it, learning to fly was a deadly affair.


On December 9th 1941, two days after Pearl Harbor, Theodore Griffiths left Americus, for Macon. He was posted there from December 18th, 1941 to February 9th, 1942.

Rich should fill me in on that part of Theo’s career by looking at the training logbook.


I was looking more closely at what Rich sent earlier this month.

photo 1

Rich Cooper scanned all the document, and I posted tt.

Here are two pages taken from this document. It’s about a cadet’s first solo.


solo 2 last fight


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