Hove High School

Might be related to Hugh’s school days.


Hove’s Old Schools – Hove High School
by Judy Middleton

Published originally in Tales of the Old Hove Schools (1991) revised 2012

There seems to have been a school at 49 Clarendon Villas as soon as the building was erected in the 1880s. It is still there and just as imposing with its yellow brick and red brick dressings rising to four storeys. Above the front entrance there is a curious female torso jutting out like an old ship’s figurehead. In October 2012 the building looked somewhat forlorn as it was swathed in scaffolding and plastic sheeting while yellow leaves scudded about the steps.

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One thought on “Hove High School

  1. The motto led me to this Website…

    Deus Fortitudo Mea
    God is my strength

    1884-1887 Thomas Hales
    1889 W Demeeres
    1890-1907 Benjamin Genner
    1908-1911 B Genner and HL Genner
    1912-1913 PM Percival
    1914-1930 Charles Whitsed Kingston
    1931-1951 Revd Herbert John Kingston
    1952-1959 JG Hoyle and RH Hoyle

    School colours red and yellow

    School motto Deus Fortitudo Mea

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