Hugh Boland’s pilot – Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris

This is another artifact.

A simple envelope.


Every artifact that was saved by Dean Cahill has its own story like Hugh Boland’s report card.

Dean Cahill was cleaning up a store room during a weekend and he saved all the artifacts I posted last time. There are more to come because Peter Smith is still scanning all that Dean gave him.

Everything will be posted on this blog, and everything will be analysed.

Someday a relative of Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris, or Hugh Boland, will find this blog like Dean Cahill did, and he or she will share what they know about Hugh Boland’s pilot.

We have little to go on right now, but we can wait.



11 thoughts on “Hugh Boland’s pilot – Flight Lieutenant J.B. Harris

  1. That is exactly how I feel about the Farewell Salutes I do. (I just wish the relatives would include more about the deceased and leave the names, ages and location of the 3 million relatives out.) If a relative ever googles their ancestor and finds them on my site, they know someone was thinking about their ancestor at that time.

    Wonderful job you do here – as always – I expect nothing less and never fail to disappoint.

      • Very little about him on the Internet…
        Dean Cahill knows more and he contacted Royal Albert Hall.


        Programme. Royal Albert Hall, London. London Ballad Concerts, 50th Season. Saturday 13th November at 3:00 pm.
        Object Type
        McCann Collection
        Bequeathed by Norman McCann, 1999
        Programme. Royal Albert Hall, London. London Ballad Concerts. Saturday 13th November at 3:00 pm. ‘Last concert before Christmas’, 50th season.

        The performers are listed on the front of the programme: ‘Artistes’ – Miss Carrie Tubb; Miss Flora Woodman; Miss Phyllis Lett; Miss Dorothy Webster; Mr William Boland; Mr Herbert Teale; Mr Ivor Foster; Mr Harry Dearth; Mr Norman Williams; ‘Solo violin’ – Miss Marie Hall; The Westminster Singers; Accompanists – Mr S. Liddle and Mr J. Hurst Bannister.


        Organ solo (Joseph Hurst Bannister)
        Song, ‘Leaves in the wind’ (Dorothy Webster) – Franco Leoni
        Song, ‘Lorraine’ (William Boland) – Wilfrid Sanderson
        Song, ‘Cuckoo song’ (Carrie Tubb) – Roger Quilter
        Air, ‘Sombre woods’ (Ivor Foster) – Arranged by A.L.
        Glee, ‘Tell me, babbling echo’ (Westminster Singers) – Stephen Paxton
        Violin soli (Marie Hall)
        a) Sarabande et Allegretto – Arcangelo Corelli
        b) Gavotte – J.S. Bach
        New song, ‘Little lass o’ mine’ (Harry Dearth) – Merlin Morgan
        New song, ‘Evening is come’ (Phyllis Lett) – H. Ernest Nichol
        New song, ‘Come to the dance’ (Flora Woodman) – Herbert Oliver
        Song, ‘The last call’ (Norman Williams) – Wilfrid Sanserson
        New song, ‘Do you remember?’ (Herbert Teale) – Haydn Wood
        Duet, ‘In springtime’ (Carrie Tubb and Phyllis Lett) – Ernest Newton

        – Interval (15 minutes) –

        Humorous part-song, ‘The charge of the bargain brigade’ (by request) (Westminster Singers) – Charles Hutchins Lewis, arranged by Wilfred Kearton
        Song, ‘Until’ (Dorothy Webster) – Wilfrid Sanderson
        Song, ‘The Lord is my light’ (William Boland) – Frances Allisten
        New songs (Carrie Tubb)
        a) ‘Love’s greeting’ – Gerald Grayling
        b) ‘What shall I say?’ – Gerald Grayling
        New song, ‘The melody of home’ (Ivor Foster) – Thomas Wilkinson Stephenson
        Violin soli (Marie Hall)
        a) Romance – Henryk Wieniawski
        b) Spanish dance – Pablo de Sarasate
        Song, ‘The corporal’s ditty’ (Harry Dearth) – William Henry Squire
        Song, ‘My ships’ (Phyllis Lett) – Augustus Barratt
        Song, ‘Ferry ahoy’ (Flora Woodman) – Alfred Herbert Brewer
        Song, ‘A short cut’ (Norman Williams) – Henry Trotère
        Song, ‘Mary of Allandale’ (Herbert Teale) – Arranged by H. Lane-Wilson
        Part-song, ‘The lady-bird’ (Westminster Singers) – Frederic Hymen Cowen

        Ticket prices (‘Popular prices’): Amphitheatre Stalls (reserved), 4s; Arena (reserved), 3s; Balcony and Orchestra (unreserved), 2s; Arena (unreserved), 1s; Boxes, £2 2s and £1 1s. Ticket sellers: Royal Albert Hall Ticket Office; Boosey and Company’s London Ballad Concert Office; plus ‘…the usual agents’. Concert directors: Messrs. Boosey and Company.

        The doors opened at 2 pm. Piano: Steinway Grand Pianofortes.
        Date made
        Back-page lists dates and prices of the 50th season of London Ballad Concerts: 02/10/1915, 16/10/1915, 30/10/1915, 13/11/1915, 15/01/1916, 29/01/1916, 12/02/1916, 11/03/1916 – all on Saturdays at 3:00 pm.
        printed material
        Type Length Width Height Diameter Unit (Length)
        document 173 235 millimetres
        Accession No.
        Name Relationship
        Royal Albert Hall, London concert venue
        Messrs. Boosey and Company concert director
        Royal Albert Hall Ticket Office ticket agent
        Boosey and Company’s London Ballard Concert Office ticket agent
        London Ballad Concerts, 50th season concert series
        Tubb, Carrie singer
        Woodman, Flora Marion singer
        Webster, Dorothy singer
        Lett, Phyllis singer
        Boland, William singer
        Teale, Herbert singer
        Foster, Ivor Llewellyn singer
        Dearth, Harry singer
        Williams, Norman singer
        Hall, Marie violinist
        Westminster Singers choir
        Liddle, Samuel accompanist
        Hurst-Bannister, Joseph accompanist
        Hurst-Bannister, Joseph organist
        Leoni, Franco composer
        Sanderson, Wilfrid Ernest composer
        Quilter, Roger (Cuthbert) composer
        L., A. arranger
        Paxton, Stephen composer
        Corelli, Arcangelo composer
        Bach, Johann Sebastian composer
        Morgan, Merlin composer
        Nichol, Henry Ernest composer
        Oliver, Herbert composer
        Wood, Haydn composer
        Newton, Ernest Richard composer
        Lewis, Charles Hutchins composer
        Kearton, Wilfred arranger
        Allisten, Frances composer
        Grayling, Gerald composer
        Stephenson, Thomas Wilkinson composer
        Wieniawski, Henryk composer
        Sarasate, Pablo de composer
        Squire, William Henry composer
        Barratt, Augustus composer
        Brewer, Sir (Alfred) Herbert composer
        Trotère, Henry composer
        Lane-Wilson, H. arranger
        Cowen, Sir Frederic Hymen composer

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