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This is what I wrote when I created this blog in April 2010.

That was four years ago and I wrote close to 300 articles later…

You will not find much information on the Internet about this RAF squadron that operated in Little Snoring during WWII.

This blog is dedicated to all the men of No. 23 Squadron of the RAF that were stationed at Little Snoring, in England, from 1944 to 1945.

One of these men was Eugène Gagnon who flew 33 night missions over Germany.

Eugène Gagnon was a French-Canadian born in Bromptonville, a small town north of Sherbrooke, in Quebec, Canada.

He is even less well known than No. 23 Squadron, but trust me on this, he will become as famous as Pat Rooney who drew his caricature at Little Snoring.

Eugène Gagnon DFC

“Only the best pilots flew the Mosquito.”

This blog will pay homage to him, to Tommy Smith another Mosquito pilot shot down over Germany and everyone I can find who flew or served in this squadron.

You can share with me and my readers what you know about No. 23 Squadron.

Just add a comment and I will get in touch or you can contact me using this form.

Lest we forget


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