Terror in the Starboard Seat

About flying with a Mosquito pilot

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

This is what I am up to on this blog about the BCATP. Using what I find in Walter Neil Dove’s logbook and pictures.

Want to know more about a student pilot on this picture?

Course 63 No. 2 S.F.T.S. Uplands

Sid Seid was with Course 63 and he is on the extreme right in the second row .

Sid Seid

Sid Seid

Seid was quite an extreme Mosquito pilot when you read this.

Quite literally from the first sentence of Terror in the Starboard Seat, readers will understand just how well Dave McIntosh can write. A career journalist, McIntosh takes us through the highlights of his 41 operations as a navigator aboard an RCAF Mosquito in this tremendously readable work.

Understandably, McIntosh devotes much of the book to his relationship with his pilot, Sid Seid, who, in stark contrast to the author, wants to sink his teeth as deeply into the Third Reich as he…

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