Terror in the starboard seat – Take 2

Part II of Terror in the starboard seat…

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

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Terror in the starboard seat

This one by Theodore A. Rushton

Perhaps it comes from living next door to Americans, but Canadians have a knack for staring tragedy in the face and remembering something to laugh about afterwards. It’s little wonder that many of the funniest modern comedians, from John Belushi to Peter Jennings, are Canadians.

World War II produced “the greatest generation,” says Tom Brokaw, who wasn’t there. Dave McIntosh was there, flying 41 combat missions in the navigator’s seat of a Mosquito night fighter, and he calls it “the scardest generation.” It takes common sense to be afraid; fear is often the one element that provides the extra margin of caution needed for survival.

It helps explain why the 24 Mossies of 418 Squadron achieved the highest scores in RCAF history, with 105 aircraft destroyed in the air, 74 on the ground, 9 probables, 103 damaged and…

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