Flight Lieutenant Bob Williamson of 23 Squadron – Final update

This is a copy of the ORB from 23 Squadron for November 28, 1942.

Williamson 1942 28 November ORB

This is the final update about a comment left last week.

I contacted you about my late Mother’s first husband, Flt Lt Robert (Bob) Henry Williamson, who was killed over Cognac, France, on 23 November 1942, along with his Navigator.  23 Sqn was based at RAF Bradwell Bay and I believe Bob flew his Mosquito down to Ford Aerodrome, to re-fuel, before his fatal mission.  But what was that mission and how did it end?

The only record I have from the UK Public Record Office is that his flight “did not return”, but I hope to find out more. Does your blog cover just 1944-45, or do you have contact which go as far back as 1942, who may be able to help me?

This is the original comment made in December.

Does anyone recall Flt Lt Bob Williamson, of 23 Squadron?
 Bob was my mother’s husband and he died on active service, on a night mission from RAF Bradwell Bay, Essex, over Cognac, France, on 28 November1942, just before 23 Squadron was posted to Malta.  Bob was piloting a 23 Sqn Mosquito and was accompanied by FO (Obs) Norman Lavers, who also died.  Both men are buried in the communal cemetery in Cruin, on the outskirts of Cognac, courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. I would like to know more about their mission that night.
 My mother re-married in 1949 and I am the product of that long and happy union, though my mother could never bring herself to talk about Bob, her childhood sweetheart, to whom she had been married just a short time.
 Any snippets of information will be well received and thank you.

You can contact me using this form if you have information I don’t have.



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