Sid Seid and the V-1s

Great anecdote from another Mosquto crew with another Mosquito squadron…

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

I found this “funny” anecdote on a forum left on a message in 2007.

I will just put it here and edit it later on because this was a draft version I had written when I was searching for more information on Sid Seil.

Sid Seid Mosquito VI from 418 Squadron

I just want Sid’s granddaughter to read it.

Ever wonder how the paint got scorched off the Mosquito


The following excerpt is from Dave Macintosh’s book, “Terror in the Starboard Seat, “published by General Publishing Co. Ltd., Don Mills, Ont. It is Mclntosh’s personal account of his experiences as a 418 Squadron observer/navigator on Mosquitos and of his sometimes strained relationship with his pilot, Sid Seid.

Terror in the starboard seat

Seid was a Jewish-American in the RCAF whose main aim in life was to single-handedly win the war against Hitler. The story picks up on their 1944 encounter with German V-l buzz bombs.

There was nothing…

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