19/iv/44 – Ju88 of 3KG54 crash lands at Bradwell Bay

Another Mosquito Squadron
488(NZ) Squadron

Broody's war

In the early hours of the morning on 19/iv/44, while several aircraft of 488(NZ) Squadron were returning from a successful number of patrols, it was reported that a disabled Mosquito was heading for Bradwell Bay to effect a crash landing. An Emergency Team comprising fire tenders and an ambulance stood by to assist, and the squadron’s Mosquitos who had not yet landed circuited to keep the runway clear. The aircraft performed a belly landing. Much to the surprise of W/Cdr Haine, the crew who scrambled out of the burning aircraft were in fact German! Closer inspection identified the aircraft as a Junkers Ju88 (B3+PL) of 3KG54 which had been damaged by AA fire during a bombing raid on London. The 4 airmen were taken to the guard room, where one who required medical assistance was treated.

W/Cdr Haine tried to claim one Ju88 “captured” to add to the Squadron’s tally…

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