Keeping Jet Fighters Off Berlin?

This was in the draft section of my blog with two more articles. I was waiting to post them because Robert Harris had more to share with us. I have not had any more contact with Robert since last year. I have thus decided to post these as an homage to his father who was Eugene’s navigator for all the 33 operations they flew together as a team.


You can’t make up such a story…

Found in R.C. Harris’ logbook.



me-262 plane

Taken on this Facebook page.


From Lisa Sharp’s collection

On April 4, 1945, Gene and Dick flew a mission that lasted 5 hours and 50 minutes. WWII was not over yet and danger was always present over Germany even if you were flying a Mosquito.

Gene was flying YP-J. They were on an Intruder Patrol over Rechlin/Larz airfield and then over Burg airfield. Bombs were dropped on latter airfield and flash were seen. No activity seen at Rechlin/Larz.

I wish I had a picture of YP-J with Gene and Dick like I have one with George Stewart and Paul Beaudet.

Paul Beaudet and George Stewart 1


5 thoughts on “Keeping Jet Fighters Off Berlin?

  1. Perhaps you should snail-mail him a letter to be certain all is okay with Robert? In that way, if he is ill, a relative or friend of his might respond to you. [just a suggestion, it’s worked for me in the past]

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