The Last Operation Flown by Our Two Men

Robert Harris has been looking at his father’s logbook.

The last operation flown by our two men was on 2nd May 1945 and lasted for 3 hours and 50 minutes.  They dropped 80 X 4 Ib incendiary bombs on an airfield called Hohn. 

Last Operation of Bomber Command 2 May 1945

This was the last operation of 23 Squadron against the Third Reich and also the last operation of Bomber Command. 


They must have been glad to be alive…

There were a further 7 flights together with the last significant one being : “ASH Check.  Flew over London, Cambridge and Norwich to see the lights” – verbatim from log book. 

On 12th June, they flew low level to Langrick, a round trip of one hour and 5 minutes.  Langrick was significant – a little village/hamlet near Boston in Lincolnshire which is where my mother lived with her mother and father who were farmers. My brother John was born by now and my father and Eugene would often fly over the house to see my mum and John in the garden below!! 

Richard Craig Harris’ children and grandchildren will always remember him when they hear a Mosquito high in the sky.

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