Who’s been looking at this?

I wish I knew…

Just curious.

Being curious is what led me to write this blog in the first place.

So please comment…

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Georges Stewart DFC 2
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You can write a comment… 2
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From the Horse’s Mouth 2
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From Cricket 34 1
F/O Hugh Harold Hirst 1
numérisation0004 (3) 1
F/O Hugh Harold Hirst Redux 1
YP-D 1
Presentation 1
Theo Comes Back to England 1
Does anyone recall Flight Lieutenant Bob Williamson of 23 Squadron? Update 1
ORBNovember4 1
Theo With RCAF 418 Squadron 1
Keeping Jet Fighters Off Berlin? 1
George Stewart DFC



5 thoughts on “Who’s been looking at this?

    • I know.
      Sometimes I would like to know when people find the blog that much interesting to write a comment.
      Not to say how incredible it is, but how they are related to 23 Squadron.

      This is how this blog has evolved since 2010 and feeds my passion.

  1. Pierre,

    I appreciate efforts and passion you put in all your blogs. I may not always leave comments–that’s not an admission of guilt. My reasons for liking your blog are personal–my father and father-in-law were in WWII (C-I-B and Philippines). I am a Vietnam era veteran. Since I was a young boy I’ve been curious about what soldiers went through in WWII, since returning veterans didn’t talk about it. I wasn’t satisfied with the oversimplified version of the liberation of Europe taught in public schools. I was stationed in Germany in the early 70s and made German friends–one was a Doctor that served on the Russian front. I had a recent visit with a German woman friend, whose Grandfather was in the German Army. She kept his Nazi passport as a memento. As a young girl she and her playmates still found caches of American GI rations hidden in the woods (I’m guessing in the 50s & 60s). They especially liked the GI can openers.

    • I know you follow my posts.
      I was just trying to reach out for the person who has been looking that much on pictures I had posted about 23 Squadron.

    • I love your comment about how history was taught in schools.
      History in books is not that much better told sometimes.
      Nice to have you as a reader.
      Sorry if I write too much. I can’t help it.

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