P/O R. A. (Ron) Neil RNZAF – Redux

This is the post, written on August 30th, 2010, where Neil’s grandnephew wrote his comment on June 13th, 2014.
Hard to make up such a story isn’t?

RAF 23 Squadron

Not many people visit this blog.

But I don’t mind…

Someday, someone will write a comment about his grandfather who served in the RAF.

Remember P/O R. A. (Ron) Neil.

George Stewart who was 19 years-old in 1944 did.

George Stewart on nose

I sent George this little montage  I made with Paul Beaudet’s pictures shared by his daughter Diane…

Here’s George Stewart reply…

Indeed you do have Al’s pilot P/O Ron Neil.

Now we are getting somewhere to find P/O Ron Neil’s relatives.

Pilot Officer Neil was with the RNZAF.

Now we have identified three of the four airmen on this picture.

Berry, unknown, Beaudet and Neil…

Do you know the fourth one?

George does…

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6 thoughts on “P/O R. A. (Ron) Neil RNZAF – Redux

  1. Hello Pierre
    Found this entry during one of my searches for aircraft serial numbers: You might be interested

    “DD712 de Havilland de Havilland, Hatfield Mosquito Mk. II (Special) Reported with No. 418 (I) Squadron, RCAF, coded “TH*R”. Operated by crew from No. 23 Squadron, RAF when lost on 28/29 November 1942, may have been loaned to this RAF Squadron.” This came from RR Walker’s List of Serials for Aircraft operated by RCAF but owned by RAF.
    There is a bit of a problem here as 418 did not get Mosquitos until 1943. A mystery waiting for a solution.

    • If so there are some errors on this site as people contribute to it. This is the case of Victoria’s father who she thought was with 23 Squadron. He was with 21 Squadron…

    • http://www.cbrnp.com/profiles/quarter2/mosquitos.htm

      Mosquito NF Mk.II (Intruder) DD712
      No.23 Sqn RAF
      November 1942

      The desire to take the war to the enemy led to many types of aircraft being employed in the intruder role. These aircraft roamed over Europe at night and were directed to cause the maximum disruption to the enemy’s lines of communications as possible. One favoured tactic was to wait in the vicinity of a German airfield and shoot down any returning aircraft careless enough to think it was safely at home. The NF.IIs employed on this function had their radar removed. . and were to all intents and purposes standard F Mk.IIs. DD712 shows the next step in NF markings. . the roundel is now type C1, while the fin flash has had its white centre stripe reduced in width.

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