Charles Scherf an Australian Air Ace in his “Wooden Wonder”

Amazing tribute on an amazing blog about aviation

Aces Flying High

He has attacked aerodromes near Berlin, has run amok among German flying schools in supposedly safe areas, and has “floored” transport aircraft probably carrying high military personages.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld) May 22nd, 1944, Page 3.


Charles Scherf RAAF Air AceCharlie was one of Australia’s  top 10 air aces in World War Two, with 13.5 aircraft shot down (some reports indicate 14.5) plus 9 destroyed on the ground and 7 damaged (with this tally he was ranked the 9th Australian overall  for aerial victories). This was achieved in 1943-1944 during 38 missions over Europe in which he covered an amazing 80,467 operational kilometres (50,000 miles) and never received even a scratch!


Charlie Scherf was also the first cousin of my Great Grandfather and someone who my Grandfather would tell me about when I was younger. Although my Grandfather never got a chance to meet him, he was a hero to him and later a hero to…

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