Alastair (Alec) Lawson died on Boxing Day

A reader sent me this…

Just to say that Alastair (Alec) Lawson died on Boxing Day. He was 94 or 95, brave and modest to the end.

The Baron and Alec Lawson

The Baron and Alistair Lawson


14 thoughts on “Alastair (Alec) Lawson died on Boxing Day

  1. Thank you Pierre, my Uncle was indeed a very modest man who continued to fly commercially after WW2 into his 60s and rarely talked of what he and his fellow pilots achieved or went through. He will be sadly missed but has earned his rest.

  2. Thanks for sharing news of the death of Alastair Lawson. I will include his name on our FINAL POSTINGS page in our RAF 100 Group Association magazine … next one out in February as our Spring 2015, together with a Reunion programme for May. We cover all Squadrons who served under RAF 100 Group, such as 23 Squadron. The Association is made up of veterans (over 70 currently around the world!) including George Stewart … together with their families such as Pete Smith. It is my passion to preserve their history and stories, and to this end I write books in the field of Aviation, with the aim of not just remembering those now gone, or who never returned from war like my mother’s wartime fiance; but also their names, their memories, and everything which came out of RAF No.100 (Bomber Support) Group which brought an early conclusion to the war through its use of electronic warfare, etc.

    I am currently under contract with a publisher to write a 3-book series about RAF 100 Group. The first book is already written offering the growing need for something very new, very different if the war was to be won which came in the form of RAF 100 Group at the end of 1943, drawing together all those involved in electronic warfare. However, the second in the series focuses purely on operations undertaken during 1944 by the various Squadrons. If you have any actual operations shared on this website, would it be possible to include these from the perspective of those involved, giving full credit both to them and to you? It would be appreciated, and also provide a way to increase people’s awareness of this very special and yet still unrecognised Group, including 23 Squadron.


    • I wrote more than 300 posts on this blog.
      You can use whatever you want. I always cite my sources when possible. Take this into account when you use some of the info.

      • Thanks Pierre, much appreciated. I think your blog really makes the work of RAF 100 Group of which 23 Squadron based at Little Snoring, Norfolk, were a part, come alive through the people you talk about. Thank you for everything you do to honour their memory … many still refer to themselves as ‘forgotten heroes’ and you are a positive example to show that this just isn’t true!

      • Everything on the blog was freely shared, and I shared all.
        Never these men will be forgotten, at least on the WWW.

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