Message from Dai Whittingham

Dai Whittingham wrote me yesterday. He invited me to celebrate the centenary of 23 Squadron’s formation on 1 Sep 1915.

I wanted to let you know that the No 23 Squadron Association (of which I am Chairman) will be holding a black tie dinner at the Doubletree Hotel in Lincoln, UK, on 5 September to celebrate the Centenary of the Squadron’s formation on 1 Sep 1915.  Our President, Air Chief Marshal Sir William Wratten will be present, as will a number of former Squadron commanders.  If any of your ex-23 readers or family members would like to join us they would be very welcome – we would be especially pleased to hear from any of the Mosquito generation!  The best contact for anyone interested in coming along is Matt Tunaley, who can be reached via

I won’t be able to attend, but I am sending this invitation to my 23 Squadron readers or to family members who would like to join them.


As a footnote, Dai added this about an exceptional pilot…

On a sad note, the Association was represented at the funeral last week of Flt Lt Alastair Lawson (Alec, as he was known by his colleagues).  I am told that the pages of his logbook recording that he “shot down 1 Ju-88 and 1 He-111, witnessed 1 EA shot down by Flak” are being preserved in a frame with Alastair’s photograph above his favoured spot in his favourite London pub, The Churchill, in Kensington Church Street, London.  It is good to know that his deeds will be brought to the attention of the customers there and, who knows, it may even spark some interest in the Squadron as well as in the man himself.


One thought on “Message from Dai Whittingham

  1. Thank you for notifying me about the invitation to 23 Squadron veterans. I am just bringing together our new Spring 2015 magazine, together with our Reunion 2015 programme happening in Norfolk, home to RAF 100 Group during wartime over 15 – 17 May 2015. They will be posted out to members next month.

    I will pass on details in the magazine to members across the world about the black tie dinner at the Doubletree Hotel in Lincoln, UK, on 5 September. We have a number of veterans who served with 23 Squadron at Little Snoring. They don’t all have or use computers, so if this is the only contact you have it might be difficult for them to get involved. However, for those ‘silver surfers’ I know they will find the invitation something of value as they always love the idea of coming together, and it’s wonderful to be a part of their very close connection.

    I already have included about the death of Alec Lawson, and he will become a part of our FINAL POSTINGS section which remains with all the names of those who have passed on, so that they be remembered.

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