RAF Little Snoring – not a sleepy village 70 years ago.

Thank you so much for this trail.

Aviation Trails

The second airfield on this part of the trail, takes us further north, to a little village and small airfield. It also features one of only a few round towered churches that hold some remarkable records of the region’s history.

RAF Little Snoring

Little Snoring is as its name suggests, a quiet hamlet deep in the heart of Norfolk. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it boasts a superb round towered church (another called St. Andrew’s) that holds a remarkable little gem of historical significance.

various 002 The Village sign shows Little Snoring’s aviation history. The airfield, to the North East, was originally opened in 1943, late in the war, as a satellite for nearby Foulsham. It had three runways: 2 constructed of concrete 4,199 ft (1,280 m) in length, (01/19 and 13/31) and one 07/25 of 6,004 ft (1,830 m) again in concrete. As with other airfields it was a typical ‘A’ shape…

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One thought on “RAF Little Snoring – not a sleepy village 70 years ago.

  1. Pierre

    We will sometime soon visit Little Snoring. Really good to see Theo and Eric Maude, his navigator, on the honours board in St Andrews church. Was a lovely surprise to see it when I looked at the link. So many other names now recognisable due to you mentioning them in you blog.

    Thank you Rich

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