de Havilland Mosquito NF Mk II

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The Mosquito is a well known aircraft that served a variety of roles.


So let’s look at a night fighter variant of this versatile aircraft.

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When Mosquito’s ruled the world…maybe one could again!

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Art on the nose

One of the most well-known English Aircraft manufacturer De Havilland produced one of the most iconic birds of the second world war which of course was the Mosquito. They may have been less heralded than the Lancaster or Halifax, nor as sexy as the Spitfire or Hurricane but this versatile two-man machine may have actually been the greatest warplanes of them all. It was so highly thought of by the Axis that they were allowed to count each Wooden Wonder shot down as two ‘kills’. According to wartime test pilot Eric “Winkle” Brown, “I’m often asked, what type of aircraft saved Britain. My answer is that the Mosquito was particularly important because it wasn’t just a fighter or a bomber. It was a night fighter, a reconnaissance aircraft. A ground-attack aircraft. It was a multi-purpose aircraft.” and historian Sir Max Hastings supports this view, saying “The Mosquito helped transform…

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