Written in 2010 about another airman…

RAF 23 Squadron

I received this comment on my blog two weeks ago…


My father was a navigator with 23 SQN stationed in Sardinia, Sergeant Albert Ginger Collar.
I have a photo taken of the Squadron aircrew the day they arrived in Sardinia. that is what I was told.
My father is not in the photo because he was taken short and had to run behind the hut.
He survived the war dying in 1976. 

Yesterday Mike sent me this picture.


The picture is dated February 1944.

What is bizarre is this is written in French: Février 1944

Here is the picture I showed you last week.

This is Sergeant Collar with a pilot back in England. That was before the move to Sardinia according to Mike.

This is what Mike said…

Hi Pierre,
Trying to find that picture I promised, but unable to locate it at the moment, but will…

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2 thoughts on “Another airman from No. 23 Squadron: Sergeant Albert Ginger Collar

  1. I found a log book entry in my uncle’s log for Nov 43 Pomiglanio Italy 23 Sqn where a SGT Cottar was the navigator in YP-E to Malta. I am wondering if this is just my Uncle’s mistaken spelling? Possibly your father?

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