Donald Hepworth Bentley

Posted in 2013

RAF 23 Squadron

From this comment sent from Paul, a cousin of Donald…

I have just located this site on my iPad. My relative, Donald Hepworth Bentley, was a  flt/set with 23 squadron based at Luca in Malta. His navigator was a Sgt Causeway. They were both killed September 1943 and are buried together in the cemetery in San Marino. The grave has the propeller from the Mosquito mounted on it.

I have photos if any one interested.
They were 23 years old and had trained in Canada.

To this  picture he shared with me so I could share it with my readers…


Flight Sergeant Bentley

This will be the first post about that Mosquito pilot.


The first of many posts about a pilot who flew this type of plane…

Malta Mosquito

And who is buried in San Marino Town Cemetery in Italy with his navigator.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Maybe there is a logbook somewhere.

If you have…

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