Donald in Canada – Redux


Hi Pierre, just found this old photo of Donald in Canada. I seem to remember it was when he had just received his Wings. The person with him, I think, was High Commissioner or consul. The photo on the back says, Happy Valley, Halifax.

Keep reading you blog, brilliant.

IMG_1566 1

Sorry again for this third post of the day.

This search can get addictive you know…

So is this blog about 23 Squadron.

Paul just sent me this message confirming that Donald Bentley is on this picture.

A flight 23 Squadron Naples 10 November 1943 close-up

Hi Pierre,

That photo is correct. What confused us at first was the gaunt look he appears to have compared to some old photos. I will try send you one of him in Canada in a minute.



After a minute or so later…

Paul sent this picture of Donald Bentley who got his training in Canada.

Donald in Canada

This was taken in Canada, don’t know the location, but looks like somewhere on Coast.


We are going to find out sooner or later…

Bentley and Causeway

If you have any information, please feel free to contact me.


2 thoughts on “Donald in Canada – Redux

  1. Never get tired of your posts, Pierre. So little is ever taught about these men, it seems it’s all up to you and your great research techniques!

    • Paul’s email was in the junk section!
      I saw it yesterday.
      I had to post his message and the picture he sent, then reblog a few old posts about Donald.
      Lest We Forget GP.

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