Paying homage to Flight Lieutenant John Kelly

Just created to share more about the history of that squadron…

RAF 68 Squadron

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Paying homage to Flight Lieutenant John Kelly and his navigator Flight Lieutenant Tim Martin.

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Lieutenant John Kelly and his navigator Lieutenant Tom Martin


collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly

John Kelly’s son sent me this picture after he had entered this comment last week.

After the war he went to become a Professor of Pathology at Tufts and then the Head of Pathology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. He eventually quit that profession to go to become an author. He penned several articles for the Navy’s Tailhook magazine and wrote a novel called “The Wooden Wolf” which was published. The plot was about an attempt to kill Hitler while he was on Hermann Goering’s train Asia with an attack from a “Mossie”.

I have his manuals supplied to him while in 68 Squadron of the flight manuals for the Mosquito and Blenheim. In additional to these his letters home recounting his time there. His Squadron mates were Black & Aitken as well as Karl Seda. To read these letters are like steeping back in time.